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A Patient portal feature is provided to help patients view their personal health information online in a safe and secure manner over the internet. Access to the portal is secured through a user id and password that is provided to each patient requiring online access. It lets the patient review their health records including lab results, diagnostics, Appointments, and Insurance details.

Using technology to provide the secure way of connecting with Patients and handle Patient’s health records confidentially, RxOffice Inc. offers Patient Portal to manage practice efficiently and to simplify Patient care while building better Patient-Doctor relationships.

Patient Portal Highlights

Patient Portal
  • User friendly navigation and simple configuration set-up
  • Facilitate Patients to request appointments online
  • Empower Patients by providing health information always available to them
  • Allow secure communication with Doctor / Nurse /Front Desk
  • Data encryption to maintain data confidentiality
  • Ease of use for Mobile / Tablet stakeholders
  • Easy integration with any existing EMR / EHR systems
  • Sync Patient Text messages with Doctor on the Patient portal
  • Multi location Hospital / Clinic support
  • Improve Patient retention rate while attracting new Patients online

Secure and Easy Platform

Patient Portal
  • Secured Web platform to connect Patient and Doctor
  • Access to Patient portal over Smartphones/ Tablets
  • Authenticated Single Sign-on with individual Patient access
  • Configurable set up at Patient’s fingertips
  • Maintain Patient Profile information
  • Simple, easy to use user interface
  • Send Secure emails to Doctor / Nurse / Front Desk

Empower Patient

One touch "My Health" helps Patient track medical records like Allergies, Diagnosis, Medication,Immunization and Lab Results at one shot

  • Provide access to Patients
    • Instantly access Health records
    • View encounter details and visit notes
    • Record vitals like Blood Pressure & Glucose
    • Push recorded vitals info to Doctor
    • Receive Lab test results online
    • Request for Refill prescriptions
    • Update Insurance information
    • Securely Pay bills online
  • Securely Download Patient health data in various formats
  • View Patient Education and Awareness Documents


  • Request an appointment online
  • View upcoming and past appointment details
  • Send appointment requests to Doctor's Front desk
  • Show appointment waiting list
  • Complete pre-appointment paperwork prior to visiting Doctor’s office
  • Send Appointment Reminders and greetings on Birthdays, Anniversary

Connect with Healthcare Professionals

Patient Portal
  • Send Secure emails to Doctor / Nurse / Front desk
  • Sync Text messages sent to Doctor
  • Send alerts to Doctor / Nurse on abnormal vitals levels
  • Patient receives alerts using secure messaging
  • Secure online Chat with Doctor / Nurse / Front desk
  • Ask questions to Doctor / Nurse
  • Patient-specific education resources & awareness materials
  • Doctor / Patient referrals
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey online

Using the latest technology platform, RxOffice Patient Portal empower Patients by providing access to health information required, encourage connect with Doctor and Front desk by using various communication channels, encourage continuous Patient learning by providing Patient education materials online and provide opportunity for the Patient to respond to Doctor office surveys.

The Patient portal saves time by completing pre-appointment paperwork before arriving at Doctor office; helps Patient to record blood pressure and glucose readings online and in case of abnormal values sends alerts to the Doctor.

RxOffice Patient Portal assists healthcare stakeholders by improving efficiency of their practice, reduces paperwork, saves time and encourages enhanced Patient care by sharing pro-active alerts with Doctor.

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