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The Key Benefits of RxOffices® EMR are mentioned below :

  • Providers have Simple to use interfaces, guiding them through their daily appointments, Labs to be reviewed, Medications to sign, document approvals, and To do lists helping them Plan their day.
  • Flexible Interface Options Ability to access through Data Exchange the data about Patient information, Drug to Drug , Drug to Allergy, Drug to Food and Drug to Disease interactions for elimination of human errors.
  • Flexible Interface Options Ability to access through Data Exchange all data about ICD-10 Codes, CPT Codes for the accurate diagnosis and billing.
  • Flexible Interface Options for E-Prescribing and data exchange with Labs (Ordering Labs and receiving results).
  • Compliance ready with ATCB guidelines and HL7 protocols.
  • Flexible Reporting system helps generate reports suitable for every stakeholder. The Provider gets the reports on the Patients seen by him in specified period. Provider gets the Patient data to be sent to regulatory Authorities for the statistical purpose.(e.g. % Patients with A1c under control).

: : Meaningful Use & Attestation

  • User friendly system walks you through meeting requirements and built in reporting allows seamless attestation abilities.
  • MUEP Dashboard provides a double check on providers progress towards Meaningful Use.
  • If you require extra assistance for the attestation process when using RxOffice through our partnership with Dr.First we can offer you a personal advisor through AttestEasy.
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