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RxOffice® Projects portal, allows to manage projects, schedule several project activities, manage project documents, send/receive messages between employees, client and track the status of projects at every stage. Key performance indicators (KPI) available at project, work request and resource level to track the productivity. Availability of various reports and graphs to Managers and clients provide more information and transparency of the projects. It shows resources used on a project as well as compares estimated versus actual hours on the project and resource level. Milestone based tracking gives more control to schedule and plan activities.

: : Key Features

  • Resources Utilization
  • Utilization By Activities
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly activity break down
  • Estimated vs. Actual hrs at resource level
  • Work Request Analysis
  • Resource Utilization by Work Request
  • Project Work Request - activity status
  • Project associated Work Request with project
  • Tracking start date end date
  • Work Request - average hours / day
  • Holidays in Work Request
  • Communication hrs in Work Request
  • Average day / hrs per Work Request
  • Completed tasks of FTE
RxOffice Projects
RxOffice Projects
RxOffice Projects