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By using RxTextSave™ you can eliminate time spent transcribing communication between patient and physician. With a secure save and transfer all data selected will be automatically populated into the appropriate patient’s chart. You can continue patient care and know all communication will be documented with the use of this application.

: : RxTextSave™ Key Features

  • Authenticated Access
  • Ease of use
  • Secure and encrypted data
  • Set Message Priority
  • Identify Priority Messages
  • Multiple Recipients Selection
  • Secure Database

: : RxOffice Text Plugin Key Features

  • Authenticated Access
  • Import messages from RxTextSave™
  • Save messages in Secure database
  • View the text messages.
  • Export the text messages.

: : RxOffice EMR

RxOffice EMR gets the text messages from RxOffice Text Plugin and display.

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